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'Save to Buy' allows customers to make smaller payments toward a future purchase from your brand.

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For the partner

For the Customer

Fully customizable solution deployable within 2-3 weeks

Tailor made solutions that best fit your needs.

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100% Compatible With You

Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, POS

Higher Customer Engagement

Content creation and gamification for continued user engagement

All your needs in one place.

Accounting reconciliations, dashboards, and reporting functionality built-in

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For the Partner

What do you get?
  • Improved onboarding
  • High customer engagement
  • Lock in high-intent customers
  • Expand customer reach and retention
  • Unlock interest-free working capital

For the Customer

What do your customers get?
  • Exclusive loyalty benefits and rewards
  • Sensible, guilt free purchases.
  • Accessible by all socio-economic backgrounds
  • Debt-free access to aspirational products
  • Cancel anytime, easy refunds
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