Saving should be Fun.

Earn 12% fixed returns when you save with tortoise.

Works like the opposite of an EMI

Standard EMIs
  • Pay installments after purchase
  • Pay full amount or more
  • Promotes impulse buying
  • Only for a specific product of a brand
Tortoise Plans
  • Save before you purchase
  • Pay less and get more!
  • Avoids impulse buying
  • Buy any product from a brand

Higher returns than FDs, RDs or even MFs

Since we partner directly with the brands themselves, the discounts and offers they are able to give provide much higher returns than any investment option right now.

If you are planning for a large purchase and want to avoid EMIs, you will ❤️ Toto

Choose one of our verified partner brands to start your goal
Save up any amount at any time
Your savings are kept safe with the bank in an escrow account.
Cancel anytime and get your money back in seconds
Complete your goal with unmatched benefits from the brand.


Your money is kept safe with the bank in a payment gateway's escrow account. The money is only released to us when you authorize at the end of your goal using an otp. In case of a cancellation, the money will be refunded back to your account within seconds.
Our brand partnerships allow us to give our consumers extra returns.
As soon as you cancel your goal, we make a refund of your savings. The money gets back into original account withing seconds. Sadly we cannot give back the returns and rewards you earned. As they are linked to you making a purchase
Depending upon different brands, you can buy directly from the brand's online store or any offline store. The list of stores is listed on every plan.