Vardhan started his career with Citibank NA, working on their US credit scoring team and then started a ridesharing startup (Forbes Hottest Global Startup 2014) that was sold to Carzonrent in 2015.

He has held India leadership positions with Udacity and Tripadvisor and has consulted multiple startups on product and growth.

Until recently, he was the consultant to the founders of FamPay, a YC and Sequoia funded teenage banking startup.

He was adventurous enough to pursue an Economics Masters 2008-10 after finishing his engineering in late 2007.



Surya, alumni of NIT Calicut, started his career in 2016 with the prestigious employer, Devfactory (CodeNation), working with multiple clients like Jive Intranet Software and Optiva Inc. in solving complex technical problems in multiple verticals.

He has a proven record as a developer, problem solver and as an innovation engineer at CodeNation with broad expertise across personalization of news feed for intranet platforms, code analyzers, pipeline automation, to dev-ops and data center migrations.

He looks forward to World AI domination and placing his brain on a chip within his lifetime.


Design/ Android/ iOS/ SMB sales

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